Taking Legal Action?

You are well within your rights to take legal action against Airmiles, action could be taken due to unfair terms and conditions changes, the sale of Airmiles for cash - they know Airmiles was being stopped and for many other reasons.  why not take a look at out brief guide.
Taking Legal Action

Airmiles Screen Captures

Airmiles are consistantly deleting posts that dont agree with the changes, Take a look to see what Airmiles have been deleting.

Gagged by Airmiles

Airmiles Petition

We have set up a petition against the changes, we feel that they are unfair and for customers that paid for miles with the Airmiles promotion we feel that they have been mis-sold.
The Petition

Regional supplement Scrapped

What Airmiles did not make clear is that if you dont fly with BA/Iberia from one of the Main 6 Airports then the change means you must pay full taxes and Surcharges, you wont be able to get the Reward Saver fare.Regional supplement Scrapped

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Fight the Airmiles Change to Avios


Watchdog Come on Board and Airmiles Admission on Regional Airports!

Press Release –Fight the Airmiles Change – 16th September 2011



Here at Fight the Airmiles Change we were delighted to hear Anne Robinson announce  Airmiles are being devalued and Watchdog will cover the Airmiles changes next week.  This resulted in a flurry of online activity and contact from Airmiles members who knew nothing about the changes until they saw it on TV. These are some of the people who were let down by the email system adopted by Airmiles, and who have not received anything in the paper post. We are encouraging anyone who hasn’t yet contacted Watchdog to do so now.

Our great success of the day was the admission, from Airmiles on their Facebook page that only 5 regional airports are covered by BA/Iberia, these are Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester. Considering one of the great positives of their re-branding spin was “No more regional supplements” and the £27 ‘Reward Saver’ we now know this is meaningless for most Airmiles customers. Flights from any other regional airport will be subject to the taxes and charges of the particular airline, in addition to the relevant number of Avios.

Airmiles regionalWe will persist with our other questions and perhaps we may get more admissions. Such as the validity of the much quoted 87%, is this the amount of customers who use short haul or the amount of short haul bookings?  Airmiles have been asked this question repeatedly but refuse to answer.  Obviously long haul flights require a lot more miles, a lot more saving, and a lot more loyalty to the Airmiles partners. A flight to Sydney currently costs more than 13 times the cost of a flight to Paris. A better percentage for them to quote would be the percentage of airmiles used on long haul versus short haul.

We continue to be concerned about Airmiles deleting posts on their Facebook page from genuinely devastated collectors who are asking pertinent questions about the situation, questions that are clearly in the public interest and that do not break the ‘rules’ of their page. Airmiles have been preventing free speech, and this cannot be allowed to continue.

Many of our Fairmilers have been emailing Ian Simkins, Tesco Clubcard Director, and Antonio Horta-Osorio, LloydsTSB CEO. Some have had replies, some haven’t. Tesco have offered a goodwill gesture to some people of between 500 and 1000 Clubcard Points, is this an admission that all is not right? They have, however, stated that they stand by the change, this may have something to do with the fact that Patrick Cescau is on the board of both Airmiles and Tesco.  LloydsTSB are writing to people saying that the CEO couldn’t possibly reply to them, maybe he is too busy playing tennis or scuba diving to worry about his customers!

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